Semel allows herself to be afraid in public and opens a discussion in children's literature on the fear of death, and on their confusion and helplessness facing the violent conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.... and she should be commended for it.
Haaretz, Dec. 04

A children's book of poems, but adults like me will also enjoy it, because it speaks to all ages. Fear does not only exist in the world of children, it also dogs the adult, and this book faces it bravely. Here, for example, is one of Nava's wonderful lines: "the list of things I'm scared of is an endless road, but most of all I'm afraid of fear itself." This poetic book, charmingly illustrated by Yoav Herstein, is simply fun to read.
Yedioth Ahronoth, Jan. 05

Nava Semel blows fear away with humor and irony. Refreshing.
Maariv Culture Supplement, Dec. 04

I recommend Nava Semel's moving new book. It addresses all ages and is accompanied by Yoav Herstein's charming drawings.
Yedioth Ahronoth, Jan. 05

Nava Semel touches on almost every possible fear with intelligence and success, and uses her unique language to convey messages that everyone can identify with.
Yedioth Haifa, Dec. 04

Sometimes I run out of words and I look for someone with better ones. And I've found it! It's called The Courage to be Afraid. The book invites you to leaf through the pages, reading aloud or quietly and going back over the words again and again - a poem that we read in a moment and already can't do without.
Maariv for Kids, Dec. 04

A wonderful children's book.
Galei Tsahal, UDF Radio Station, Dec. 04

Nava Semel's book is highly unusual. Any child who reads it will come to the conclusion that his intuition was correct: the world is full of fears and they are not only imagined... the message in this book is that the truth is always hard and that children do not forgive - and rightfully so - if adults knowingly lie to them. This book will find its way to children's hearts because it gives them a chance to face their fears and to understand that they are not alone in feeling them because others have them too.
Makor Rishon, Dec. 04

Facing fear with humor... [This is] a children's book that is also suitable for adults.
Israel Radio 2, Jan. 05

This is a book of poems for children, but the questions it brings up are actually for parents: will we be able to keep our children safe?
Galei Tsahal, IDF Radio, Dec. 04

A unique and thought-provoking book
Kol Hazafon Radio, Dec. 04

When we read such poetry to a child he [or she] is empowered by it.
Channel 2 TV, Jan. 05

A highly recommended book-for children and adults.
Kol Ha-Galil Radio, Jan. 05

A charming book. Go out and get it! It includes many poems that deal with the fears that have been with us throughout history. [Semel's book] is an exception among Israeli books of verse for children.
Israel Radio 2, Dec. 04

Simply a wonderful book
Channel 2 TV, Jan. 05

Sometimes, because of "magical" thinking, children avoid expressing fear...[but] expressing what you are afraid of is the first step towards getting over it. Highly recommended
Parents Time, Channel 2 TV, Feb. 05

A charming book for children,full of clever insights, that adults will also enjoy. A book that cures through humor.
Channel 10 TV 2005

A book for teenagers and grownups. Wonderful.
Channel 2 TV 2005

A wonderful book that speaks to children like me.
Prof. Yair Zakovitch, Hebrew University Jeruslam, Feb. 05

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