Semel writes with a great talent and impressive narrative ability. She is not afraid of using a rich beautiful language that exposes the complexity of her characters and their inner world. Although I could not always identify as a person with the characters, their world is constructed with fine credibility. Semel breaks the inter-relationship of the group with a sensitive and deep psychological understanding. She succeeded in creating an Israeli microcosms. You cannot for one moment remain indifferent."
YEDIOT ACHRONOT, Israel's daily newspaper 31/12/1993

A fascinating document about the Israeli society.
Israeli TV, February 1994

A fascinating voyage following memories and associations.
Galei Zahal, Army Radio Station, January 1994

You will read this book with one breath. It follows chapters in the history of Israel in a very special way, contrary to the usual history lessons at school. It puts Haifa on the literary map.
"Ha'aretz", January 1994

The private history of each of the participants in the game, and the story of the group as a group is connected to the history and rich memories of Israel... The story is rooted into Israeli reality. Both the atmosphere and the facts reflect Israel today. The characters are the image of the "Sabra". The book also deals with the present relationship between Arabs and Jews in Israel.
"Moznaim" Literary Magazine, February 1994

Nava Semel did not have to go as far as to a different planet. Her story takes place here in Haifa. The places are known; public gardens, neighborhoods and historical sites... Semel brings out a lively, updated description of Haifa; the special nature of its inhabitants, the atmosphere of the streets. Even the roads and buses lines are very familiar. Paradoxically major part of the attraction of the book is the fact that you dislike the characters. In fact, the reader waits for their fall. This is typical of a good book.
"Kolbo", Haifa Paper, January 1994

A wonderful, rich and sensitive book.
Dr. Yaron Perry, Kol Israel, 1994

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