One of the most sensitive books I've recently read. The sentiments, the emotional focus on the act of creation. This book is entirely made of feelings -before and after being a mother. A beautiful collection. I loved it.
Maariv, October 1982

Joy and optimism are reflected in these poems.
Yedioth Achronot, July 1982

Authentic, intimate poems. These simple words contain the power of a magnitude explosion.
Laisha Women's Magazine, October 1982

A poetry collection which is highly respected for its qualities in its style and candid approach. The Poetess dare to expose herself and shared with us the powerful experience of pregnancy - both its yearnings and threats.
This young author succeeds in evoking such powerful emotional response. She will no doubt enrich our literary world in the future with many more valuable and original works of art.
Kolbo, Haifa Paper, 1982

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