An exquisite book, revealing the awareness of an infant who cannot yet express his thoughts in words. Semel explores the consciousness of a newborn, and gives words to a baby's special reality."
"Yediot Achronot", October 25, 1998

Nava Semel's latest book combines beautiful pictures of sweet babies and charming texts that take us back to infancy: whatever we had thought, whatever we had felt, what we really wanted. It is a special album, including a page to put the personal photo of your own prince or princess. A wonderful gift for newborn and their parents.
"Zmanim Modernim" Magazine, October 14, 1998

Most beautiful book. Extraordinary text and pictures.
Radio 99, October 27, 1998

So enchanting. Amazing text and pictures. Extraordinary book that steals your heart.
Israeli TV, (2 Channel) Morning Show, October 30, 1998

What do babies see? What do they think and feel? What do they tell us through their gazes? Aware of all these Nava Semel, joined by designer Sandhaus and photographer Kahana, created a most beautiful book for all the family, offering answers to all these questions... From the mouth of babes Semel provides answers for what an infant might feel towards darkness and light, day and night, warmth and cold, toys, smells and sounds. She rightly assumes by saying that a newborn prefers to stay in a state of "in between".
"Makor Rishon" Magazine, November 1998

Original and beautiful... The easy going rhymes joined by original photographs. This book makes you want to go to sleep, cuddling in a thick blanket, hugging a furry Teddy bear.
"Kol-Bi" Magazine, December 1998

The book reveals the hidden world of babies. Each baby with his own observation. The text, photos and design project tenderness and love.
"Lilach" Women Magazine, December 1998

A different kind of book... The text projects the inner, hidden world of infants... great pictures... my favorite text is the last one.
"Being A Family" Magazine, January 1999

A collection of beautiful pictures of sweet babies and wonderful texts. They project tenderness and love, taking us back to infancy... Every baby and his special words, talking to his parents and the world. Thoughts about the present, the future and daily life. Nava Semel speaks from the mouth of babes.
"Hamekomon", January 1999

Brilliantly written... A pioneer work... A wonderful gift for parents and babies. Sweet and enchanting.
"Yediot Haifa", July, 1999

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