An important and exciting book.
Israeli TV, Public Channel, July 1999

Even a person who doesn't have a Zionist character can indeed be a true Zionist. Can Itzhak Artzi be a real Zionist? After all, he doesn't exaggerate, doesn't talk in slogans, he's not an extremist and he doesn't hate. What kind of Zionism is it? Mr. Artzi, you're "Spoiling" our Zionism."
Shimon Peres, President of Israel and former Foreign Minister, at the book launch, July 1999

An exciting story that combines painful chapters in the history of our people, the hope and the return to our land. Beautifully written.
Ehud Olmert, Prime Minister of Israel and Mayor of Jerusalem, December 1999

This is not only a thrilling book, but also an historical document that tells great chapters in contemporary Jewish saga. It is the proof of life of struggle and triumph.
Virgil Cândea, Vice President of the Romanian Academy, June 1999

The man responsible for of the secular revolution in TLV tells his story... A living witness to so many great events that shaped our history... The memory of the Holocaust is in his blood...
Yediot Achronot, daily paper, July 1999

An exciting life story - a member of the Zionist underground, a political activist and a fighter for religious freedom in Israel, Artzi also reveals some personal family stories.
Galley Zahal, IDF Radio, July 1999

The book left a strong impression on me. These days, when so much cynicism against the Zionist ideology exists, its title is more than meaningful. Artzi, you're a true and faithful Zionist. Zionism for you is a way of life. The vivid details create an exciting book. A pleasure to read.
Uri Gordon, The Jewish Agency, July 1999

Thrilling pages. Among your many public missions I hope many like me will express their gratitude for your contribution to the Righteous Gentiles.
Mordechai Paldiel, The head of the Righteous Gentiles Department,
Yad Vashem Memorial Center of the Holocaust, July 1999

An exciting life story, full of achievements.
Kol Israel - Israel Broadcasting Service, 1999

A great autobiography of the man who was the deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv for many years and was responsible for its Cultural Revolution.
Tzfon Hair, Weekly Magazine, August 1999

An engaging and enlightening book.
Dr. Joseph Govrin, Former Israeli Ambassador to Austria and Romania, August 1999

An important book, easily read. I highly recommend it not only to the generation of those who established the State of Israel, but also to younger people who will learn from it a lot.
Shlomo Lahat, Mayor of the City of Tel Aviv 1974-1994, at a special inauguration evening, July 1999

A wonderful book. I read it breathlessly. All the events came to life.
Judge Dr. Moshe Beisky, Supreme Court Judge, July 1999

A moving book. Especially where Artzi describes the deportation of the Jews of Transnistria during the dark time of the Holocaust.
"Mifgashim" Radio Program, Israeli Broadcasting Service, May 1999

A sad story, delightfully told. The book is well written and it is a pleasure to read. The humor, the irony, the lack of self-importance and the fact that the writer does not try to sweep disappointments and failures under the rug, add to its credibility. Artzi makes an appropriate and respectable contribution to the documentation of the history of the State of Israel.
Ha'aretz Book Review, September 1999
Also in:
The International Herald Tribune, September 1999

Itzhak Artzi's memoirs bring something new to the landscape of Zionist memoir writing, his work being a most valuable source of information, both on the history of Jewish life in Romania in the time of its nationalist impetus and on the Israeli society. A touching testimony to the life of a man whose destiny was one with the fate of Romanian Jewry, of Zionism, and of the great dream of a sovereign Jewish state. A stimulating read. Artzi has fully succeeded in achieving his aim, namely to bring before us - the generation of the present - "The perfume of yesterday".
Studia Judaica, The University of Cluj, Romania, October 2001

An impressive book. I'm very moved. You are a true Liberal. The chapter on Germany is most interesting and fair. In spite of the unimaginable events that took place during the dark years, you are building the bridges.
Dr. Niels Hansen, former Ambassador of Germany to Israel, September 1999

I couldn't break away from the book. It's so interesting, beautifully written and with style. Very moving and most important to those who wish to know and understand about the Holocaust and the creation of the State of Israel.
Yohanan Cohen, former Israeli Ambassador to Austria and Romania, September 1999

I felt as if I went back in time. So moving. It gives you the opportunity to remember who you were and to be able to dream again. Artzi's Zionism is a great dream indeed, yet real life - his many outstanding achievements, is much stronger than any dream. Highly recommend.
The Zionist Youth Movement Periodical, September 1999

I was overwhelmed. Very well written, brilliantly edited by his daughter, author Nava Semel.
Dr. David Sha'ari, The Zionist Youth Movement Periodical, September 1999

A life story worth told. This is the story of the founders of Israel; some are no longer with us. A book for the younger generation to read. Well written, in a clear voice. A special style and with a sense of humor.
Chaim Tzadok, former Minister of Justice, August 1999

Authentic, painful. Written with talent.
Moshe Zack, Ma'ariv, August 1999

A book written with grace, reflecting Itzhak Artzi's rich, fulfilling life. Written with the deep love for the Jewish people and for the State of Israel. "A Zionist After All" - a title well deserved.
Dr. Alexander Safran, Chief Rabbi of Switzerland, September 1999

Written with clarity and sobriety. The years of World War II, the struggle to reach to Israel and the struggle to live there, have made you what you are: a man of principals, who is also ready to compromise. You are the lover of peace and above all a role model of a true Zionist.
Arie "Loba" Eliav, former Minister and member of the Knesset, September 1999

Written with great skills, Artzi succeeds in telling his personal story. In a quiet, thoughtful and observing tone he accepts the reversal of fortunes.
Ma'ariv daily paper, October 1999

An authentic legacy that Artzi brings to the next generations, through the modesty and nobility of his spirit.
Joseph Govrin, Ha'aretz daily paper, October 1999

It's the story of an entire generation.
Dr. Ephraim Sne, Vice Minister of Defense, October 1999

Great life story, reflecting the depth of a courageous soul.
Itzhak Ben Aharon, former leader of the Labor Movement in Israel, December 1999


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