A great adventure... The book reveals to children - age 5 and above - the world of the theatre. One is on stage and the other is the secret world behind the curtains.
Laisha, Women Magazine, December 1997

Semel's sensitivity, both as a mother and an author, to the thin line that separates between reality and fiction, created this book... A charming book that leads the readers to the place where people dream with their eyes open.
Yediot Achronot, December 1997

Wonderful book... Extraordinary. Great adventure... A magical voyage into the world of the theatre. Highly recommended.
The Children Channel, TV, February 1998

As someone whose life combines the two worlds - theatre and children, I warmly recommend the book which takes us into an exciting journey behind the curtains.
Tal Musseri, Children Television Host, in "A Daily Recommendation", Yediot Achronot, Spring 1998.

Whoever will read this book will never again give up the great experience taking place on stage. The laughter and excitement. After reading this book you'll never leave the theatre - even for the bathroom.
Ma'ariv, Spring 1998

A wonderful book... great way to get acquainted with the theatre, especially its charm. Semel treats children with respect... In a world where children spend so much time in front of the TV, this book is a wonderful way to bring them closer to the reality of the theatre.
Olam Haisha, Women Magazine, spring 1998

A bonus for children. Funny... Beautiful.
Yediot Achronot, June 1998

An up-to-date story, very reliable... A journey of discovery - before and after the show... Getting to know the theatre and all its complex components. The proof that being an audience is a cultural experience. Very moving... Highly recommended.
"Books are Friends"/ Magazine of Tel Hai Education Center, November 1998

One of the most intelligent and beautiful books that I've read recently... Highly recommended!
Yediot Haifa, June 1999

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