The Critics Praise
Nava Semel

The Backpack Fairy


Nava comes to terms with, accepts and understands that the world is meant for the young, and that we must go through our lives giving, without receiving thanks. This is what’s great about her book.  
Avi Elias, NRG Maariv, 18.3.11

A captivating tale, masterfully illustrated.
Moshe Granot, Moznayim, June 2011

A beautiful book for children and teenagers.
Tsippy Gon-Gross, IDF Radio, 25.2.11

The warmth with which Semel depicts the home makes it clear that she writes from the heart … And when you do that, the book finds the heart of the reader … This is an enchanting book which can be expected to provide youngsters with an enjoyable and enriching read. It is also beautifully illustrated. Warmly recommended.
Bookwatch, 22.2.11

A book from which many backpackers’ parents derive much hope. Simply enchanting. I hope that a lot of kids, their parents and their grandparents read this book.
Anat Dolev, Israel Radio 2, 28.2.11

Warmly recommended!
Galei Tsahal, 24.2.11

A kids’ celebration, and it can also be read to them in bed. I hiked along with the writer …. An adult who reads it to a child will really enjoy it.
Rivka Michaeli, Israel Radio, 25.2.11 

Nava Semel has cooked up an intriguing plot.
Pnai Plus, 9.3.11

Nava has walked a thin tightrope of longing for her son … She gives the fairy human attributes like laughter or crying. 
Avi Elias, Maariv-NRG, 23.4.11

In her books, Semel gives joy and enjoyment to children and adults. 
Israel TV Channel 9

An enchanting book, a sequel to the adults’ Australian Wedding for kids, about travels and fairies. And we’re all kids. 
Shmuel Shay, Israel Radio, 26.2.11


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