Nava Semel's book interweaves each and every component of night and sleep... Like a skilled tailor, Semel touches the core of private nighttime, the illustrated quilt cover, approaching the bewitched language of dreams, while maintaining a distance to ensure that the magic does not dissipate... Semel conducts a sensitive dialogue with God, with the divine providence that is meant to watch over us, even when our eyes are shut.
Zippi Gon-Gross, Haaretz Review of Books

If I could be a child again, I would ask to be read Awake in My Sleep at bedtime.
Smadar Shir, Yediot Ahronoth
Among these star-strewn pages you will find loneliness and much concern, but also an abundance of loving compassion and a desire to make black lighter and morning truly bright. A lovely book.
Lea Aini, Maariv

These night poems shed light on the darkness. Poems that draw a new face to the night.
Anat Meidan, Yedioth Ahronoth

This charming book captivated me, and will appeal to readers of every age up - from small children to the elderly... I warmly and enthusiastically recommend it to both children and adults.
Zippi Rom, Yedioth Haifa

A beautiful book of poems, emanating from the child in [Semel], who told herself stories in the dark...
Sarit Levy-Yishai, Olam Ha'Isha

A beautiful book for all those awake and asleep - children as well as adults.
Kol Israel, IBA Radio, Night Show

A charming book. I'm not sure why it was labeled a children's book; I recommend it to everyone. Highly original. A wonderful book for children, as well as adults.
Yossi Gerber, Radio Hashfela

A wonderful book, not only for children.
Women Only TV show, Channel 33

Semel's book is both intriguing and attractive. She writes poetic prose... observing both grown ups and children who keep on growing. A book for everyone.
Gershon Bergson, Children's Literature Magazine

Half of our life we spend sleeping. Semel treats this precious time with respect and her readers will find themselves in her poems... A perfect book for the entire family.
Rachel Ben Galim, Yedioth Haifa

Semel seams with her sensitive, loving hand the garment of poetry. She defines the territory of dreams and offers lullabies that dismantle the minefield of fears in a very touching way.
These poems are targeted towards children, but older people will gladly read them. After all, we are the children of life.
Ronny Somek, Kol Israel IBA Radio

A beautiful, enchanting book.
Israeli TV - Channel 2

A most sensitive, wonderful book.
Tal Hashiloni, Kol Israel IBA Radio

Pure beauty. It touches every soul.
Etti Polak, Kol Israel

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