Australian Wedding

Nava Semel travels as far as Australia to meet her 28 years old son Iyar, who has been living "Down Under" for the last four years. Following his army service, Iyar chose Australia as his place for studying music, in order to fulfill his desire to experience an entirely different kind of life - close to nature and in a tranquil atmosphere, the opposite of the Israeli life style. In the meantime, he fell in love with an Australian girl and began seriously considering Australia as his future home.

Iyar urged Nava to come for a visit. "Mom, you'll find here a story worth writing", he said. Nava followed Iyar's promise and came to share her son's new life, both curious and eager to meet Lucy his girlfriend and her entire Elliot family. The occasion in which they all met was an Australian Wedding on the famous beach of Byron Bay on July 2007. Nava arrived to Lismore a town in Rainbow Region, moved in with Iyar at his 150 years old house on the bank of the river. She spent a month traveling with Iyar and Lucy, attending classes at his music school, getting to know his Australian friends and discovering an exciting local culture and rich heritage, unknown to most Israelis. The journal Nava was writing while traveling became the basis for a personal book about the journey of a mother and her Israeli grown-up son, rediscovering themselves and their own strong bond.

Together they confront the issues of where true home is, parents - children relationship in this vast, changing world, and dare ask the painful question: "Are Israelis the new "Wandering Jew", doomed to look for their future destiny outside tiny Israel?

"Australian Wedding" is a love story of an Israeli young man and an Australian young woman seen through the eyes of an Israeli mother, yet it is also the moving tale of a parent's love and how she and her offspring find a way to bridge their differences.

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