Awake in My Sleep

Awake in My Sleep is a collection of poems dedicated to the Night - the mysterious zone of sleep, darkness and strange, wonderful dreams.
This fragile moments before we close our eyes - children and grown ups alike - bring out our deepest thoughts on hopes and fears, on daily life and beyond, on our loved ones here and in another life. Often when our head touch the pillow we whisper to the real "me" things we did not dare during the day.
These night poems open a wide spectrum of topics; lullaby to Adam the first man, sleeplessness, the yearning for light, the mystery of the sky, parallel universe and the lonely Moon who looks for company above our heads.
This book is targeted to those who always feel the wide awake child within them.

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 Nimi Asleep, 1995

 Eal-Eal asleep, 1995

Nava Semel and her children, reading the book.

Poems from the collection were published in:
The Space Between Our Footsteps -Poems and paintings from the Middle East, (Edited by Naomi Shihab Nye) Simon & Schuster USA, 1998.
And in:
World Literature Today, Oklahoma University Press, 2005.

Poems from the collection were composed and performed by Israeli singer Hava Alberstein in her album "The Milky Way" - Israeli Lullabies, 2006.

Poems from the collection were composed by Ella Milch-Sheriff as part of "Sneaking into the Bible". Performed by Ramat Gan Choir, conducted by Chana Tzur, 2005.

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