Beginners' Love

These are 7 bittersweet stories of young love, first kisses and secret dreams that become unforgettable memories.

A young Israeli girl falls in love with Mikey, an American boy who has come to Israel and is an Elvis Presley fan. In order to hide her love, she bullies and makes fun of him, but he is not ashamed to admit that he loves her.

A British paratrooper lands in the middle of a small Jewish settlement in the 1930s and is injured. Tamara, the 17-year-old sister of Moishele, rescues and looks after him. It is the time of the British Mandate and the paratrooper is considered an enemy, but Tamara falls in love with him and imagines herself to be a princess.

Orik and Arik's fathers are the best of friends. When Arik's father suddenly dies, Arik goes to Orik's home during the seven-day mourning period. During that week, the first man lands on the moon and the two youngsters imagine that they're the astronauts on their way to space.

"What wouldn't we do to kiss the most beautiful girl in the class?" wonders a boy in Drama class. He is eager to play the ass in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream to get that kiss.

In the meantime, Tom's parents don't love one another any more and they are getting divorced. The girl who helps Tom over this crisis is a classmate, a science buff and her name is also Tom.

The stories in Love for Beginners take place in different parts of Israel and at different times -- only love is something that never changes.




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