A beautiful book.
A.B. Yehoshua, Haaretz, 7.4.09

This is an intimate and revealing travel journal which offers an enjoyable glimpse into Israeli society... May there be many more like it!
Gilead Zuckerman, Haaretz, 1.4.09

It is so good and pleasant to be swept away by Semel's book - it is wonderfully written and wrapped in various layers, [expressing both] a mother's understandable interest in her child's life and the Jewish-parental anxiety. Semel excels in her exploration of our country's secret essence which... still seems to offer us a sweet intimacy that never fades. A lovely book.
Kol Israel, 6.3.09

Portrays the way Israelis are drawn to foreign cultures in an attempt to find closeness... [which] is eventually found in a touching love story. This is beautiful travel fiction that deals with the idea of "home" and with Israeli and Jewish dilemmas.
Yaron Avitov, Maariv Zman Yerushalaim,  May 09

A wonderful book!
Rivka Michaeli, Radio Tel Aviv, 13.4.09

Full of humor and irony. Moving, amusing and highly recommended. A real experience.
Gabi Zohar, Radio Tzafon, 13.3.09

A marvelous book.
Zman Avir, Israel TV Channel 1, 24.3.09

An exhilarating book.
Odaya Koren, Galei Zahal, 6.3.09

An enchanting book. Very touching and moving.
Anat Dolev, Kol Israel, Reshet Bet, 6.4.09

A highly recommended experience. The voice of one very talented, worried and extremely candid mother.
Sivan Rahav Meiri, Galai Zahal, 3.4.09

A fascinating and moving book. Tears came to my eyes at certain moments... It blends distance and proximity.
Dalik Wolinitz, Ha'Moadon, 18.3.09

Semel tells a captivating story, letting the readers into her family and, by so doing, entering their lives too. She defines herself and us very accurately, and keeps touching on the heart of things, touching one's heart with soft words. Read, sympathize and savor.
Orit Harel,, 5.3.09

A wonderful story that offers a mother's insights... It helps us fathom the gap between what we think we know, and what we know in practice, which isn't much.
Yoav Ginai, Kol Israel, 6.3.09

I read this book in one go, without putting it down, because it is a wonderful book... A very worthwhile read. One can learn plenty of history and geography from this book, but the most important lesson it teaches us is about ourselves.
Yoel Rapel, Reshet Moreshet, 25.3.09

A journey that offers a glimpse into the questions, love and uncertainties of a mother whose son has decided to live very far away... I felt great identification, a little pain, joy and excitement, but most of all I got the strong feeling that I wasn't alone. Highly recommended.
Hanni Nachmias, Radio Kol Haderech, 7.4.09

With her clean, clear and beautiful writing, Semel depicts her experiences as a mother following her son abroad and discovering a whole new world... There are crises, laughter and tears and questions of country and identity.
Israel Post, 26.4.09       

Semel serves as a mirror for all those worried mothers whose children have chosen to live so far away from them and from home.
Olam Ha'Isha, May 09  

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