Sample translation of poems from Hymn to the Bible

When did the first man begin to fear?


The first man was not afraid from the tempting snake

Adam did not shrink from the Angel with the sword

Banishing him out of Garden of Eden

He did not even fear the voice of the Lord

Who chased him out of his perfect world.

Only when Adam's first child was born

The first man felt fear

For the first time

He was really scared and confused

Suddenly ----

Adam realized he had something to lose.


Blood Brothers


If only Cain would not have killed Abel

They would forever remain

The best of brothers

Two perfect friends

Now till the Bible ends.

If only Cain would have said

Forgive me

Down on his knees

He would bury his stone

Replace his fury with grace

The world would be such a different place.


A Stranger in my Land


Don't go with me Ruth,

By myself I'll cross the border

Alone I will go

Let us part now, before it's too late

I must leave, but you can regret.

On the other side a foreign land awaits

There - they'll point their fingers

Call you by names

Wherever you walk

You'll be tarnished by shame

A stranger in my land

I'm worried and scared

it is hard to forget and forgive

On your wall they will write

"Here a Foreign Woman lives".


Do not join me, Ruth

You are a widow

No bride anymore

My people, engulfed by their fears

Are banging their doors

There – Sara banished her rival Hagar

There – they reject those who come from afar

When you walk on the street

You will always be marked

"The Other" – that's what they'll call you

From morning to dark.

Though they call themselves "The Chosen People"

They are suspicious, hostile and hard

Out of fear of the unknown

Go back, Ruth, stay with your own.


Night falls, Ruth

Moabite sky is old

My people are not yours

Nor is my Lord!

Turn around, wife of my son

My beloved daughter in Law,

Stay where your own sun shines

For my home is not yours

Nor yours is mine.


Don’t go with me, Ruth

Don’t go with me, Ruth!


Sara, Sara


I'd like to sneak into the bible

The book of Genesis; chapter twenty-one

Just for second

And soon I'll be gone.

I must tell Sara before it's too late

Don't banish Hagar, the woman you hate.

She and her boy, the two must be saved

Though you are the mistress

And she's but a slave.

So they won't cross the desert

Angry and lost

Hold all your horses

Please, at all costs.

Let Izaak and Ishmael be

Happy brothers, great friends

From now on, till the Bible ends.

Let them play and rejoice

For the rest of their lives

Allow them to grow

With no hatred

No knives.

Sara, Sara

Let Hagar's son be like yours

Don't lock up your doors

And you will spare us

The blood and the wars.

© All rights reserved to NAVA SEMEL 2017