Lullaby to Adam the First Man - Excerpt

From the book "Hymn to the Bible"

By Nava Semel


Sleep tight Adam, the first man

The earth is your bed

Now lay down your head.

I sculpted your image from mud

Later, I'll add some more blood.


Our Eden is finally still

It's the end of the show

Darkness soon will grow

Remember, first man

I am above

And you are always below.


Naked you lay

Under the tree of life

Thus you must always remain

Beware of the other fruit

So you'll never know any pain.


You have neither a mother, nor father

We both are alone in this world

You're but a human who shivers from cold

And I am forever your very warm Lord.

That's the right order

Don't dare cross that border.


Soon I'll create you a mate

From your rib a woman will spring

Like a ray in your heart she will glitter

Now close your eyes, don't be so bitter

I'm not going to be your baby sitter.


Sleep tight, Adam the first

 You are the weak, I'm the strong

Tomorrow our journey begins

Together we'll travel along.

Enough with your questions

Hush in the mud

"If I'm made of earth,

why is there blood?"


For six days I labored

Why? don't you ask?

Creating a world

Is a tiring task.

I'm also exhausted

Soon sun will rise

Our precious time flies

But for now, no one yet cries

And I too will close my eyes.


Translated from Hebrew by Nava Semel



© All rights reserved to NAVA SEMEL 2017