Ballad of Three Prophets

Nava & Aya Ben-Naftaly (CEO of Massuah) and Koby Meidan

Ballad of Three Prophets is a six minutes piece of text and music. Author Nava Semel and composer Ella Milch-Sheriff who created the opera "And the Rat Laughed" wrote the ballad especially to the Moran Children Choir. The world premiere was at the Song Bridge Festival in the city of Szczecin in Poland on Israel's 60th anniversary in 2008. Three choirs joined together in singing the ballad on stage: the Israeli Moran plus choirs from Poland and Canada.

Nava Semel's text is a new hymn to love and understanding between the three monotheist faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The three prophets Moses, Jesus and Muhammad cross each other's path on the ancient land where they once preached for a better world. They pray in Hebrew, Latin and Arabic in memory and honor of the dead who paid with their life here. The three prayers are in fact one, so is the belief in the Great Spirit which is in the core of every human being heart. The last verse is the voice of an innocent boy. He is no prophet, yet adds his dream about being connected to the great spiritual force of goodness.

Composer Ella Milch-Sheriff brought to the stage the special fragrance of each tradition, creating a musical path on which our hearts can travel. In her music Jewish, Christian and Moslem liturgy finds the true key to live side by side in harmony. In Song Bridge Festival in Poland, Conductor Neomi Faran taught the audience the words of the Hebrew prayer "Kaddish" and they joined the singing too.

The ballad was later performed on Holocaust International Commemoration Day 2009 at Massuah - The Institute for Holocaust Studies in Kibbutz Tel Itzhak. This special event was attended by all the foreign ambassadors to Israel and the diplomatic corps.

Photo by Israel-Sun

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