One Old Woman

A new version, actress Lia Koenig , 2016 A new version, actress Lia Koenig , 2016

A monodrama for an actress. Hana Sheinman, a woman over 70, had to move to an elderly home, under pressure from her family. The elderly home stands next to an elementary school, so Hana burst into one of the classes and confides to the children about her situation. She reveals the upside downs of her life story as a Holocaust survivor and a new immigrant to Israel - the land of youth and hope. She also plays the accordion and sings to the kids some old songs, discusses the possibility of love at an old age and consults with her new friends on how she should live the new chapter in life called "the Golden Years".

The play was written in 1982 for Jetta Luca, a veteran Israeli actress. It was performed on the stage of the Haifa Municipal Theatre for ten years.

Directed by Michael Rosenberg, an American-Jewish director who brought to Israel the concept of "Theatre in Education".

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