Sneaking into the Bible

Or- I'd like to enter the book of Genesis
Is a music-theatre piece - five poems for a choir, mezzo-soprano and saxophone
Text by Nava Semel
Music by Ella Milch-Sheriff
Performed by the Ramat Gan Choir, Conducted by Hanna Tzur.
The piece premiered at a the Abu Gosh Music Festival on October 25, 2005.
Tel Aviv Concert, Tzavta Theatre, November 5, 2005. Ramat Gan concert, March 2007.
The piece is 15 minutes long.
This piece was made possible through the generous support of The Aaron Gutwirth Foundation and Shoshana and David Rabinowitz.

Adam, Cain, Sara and Ruth - the biblical heroes are peeping through the ancient pages and call me. For me, they are flesh and blood, very much alive and kicking. They have a lot to say about us, and I in my turn, have something to tell them too.
In "Sneaking into the bible" I used mostly characters from the book of Genesis. The first fear comes to life, as we are reminded of the first murder, the first stranger among us and the first ever banishment and exile. Even the Lord sings his own lullaby to Adam the first man while trying to find some rest in the Garden of Eden.
Composer Ella Milch-Sheriff brought to the piece a verity of musical genres, balancing between humor and pain. The saxophone lead her towards jazz but also enabled the use oriental motifs. Ella's music is rich, giving each song its unique space, yet combing them all into one musical carpet.

Ella Milch-Sheriff & Nava Semel

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