There in the World That Is New

There in the World That Is New is an eight minutes piece of text and music. Author Nava Semel and composer Ella Milch-Sheriff who created the opera "And the Rat Laughed" wrote it especially for the torch assembly on Yom Ha Shoah, Holocaust Memorial Day 2008 at Massuah - The Institute for Holocaust Studies in Kibbutz Tel Itzhak.

The assembly honored Holocaust survivors who tried to reach a safe haven in Israel. In the center of Nava's lyrical text stands one little girl, on her journey from the camps towards a new home. Who will be waiting for her? Will there be people who would be willing to listen to her tortured past? What awaits this frightened soul "there in the world that is new"?

Ella's music paves the journey home to the listener and one can actually hear the trail echoing in the little girl's mind. Both her fears and hopes are expressed through Ella's sensitive and emotional touches.

The piece was performed by Li-Ron Choir Herzliya, conducted by Ronit Shapira. It was broadcasted live on cable Television HOT and directed by Yahli Bergman.


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