Thousand Calories a Day

a drama for television
Broadcasted on Israeli TV Second Channel in 2000


This is the story of three childhood friends, women in their mid 40's, who take a three days vacation to a French style spa in the Galilee, for the purpose of dieting together.
Sarah'le, the wife of Israel's Ambassador to Japan, runs away from her husband who indulges in Sushi delights in the arms of a young Japanese woman.
Avigail, is heavy set and her goal is to fit into the clinging black dress she especially bought for her youngest son's Bar Mitzvah. Her relationship with her husband are sour and she desperately tries to fix her life.
Noya a defense counsel, divorced, leads a hectic career life. Her only male friend is her son who serves as an IDF officer in Lebanon.
The three friends rent a cabin, select their sparse food and vow to keep an eye on each other. However, their fragile bubble is burst by Boaz, a film maker in his 30's, arriving at the spa to direct an ice cream commercial, accompanied by a young, beautiful young model on Roller Blades.
Boaz woos Noya and brings her femininity back to life. Avigail meets Shefi, the hotel Chef and their mutual love for haute cuisine turns into friendship, but Sara'le is so depressed she gives up on life and tries to take her own life in the Jacuzi.

This is a three women's attempt to escape from life's burdens, in seeking a more appealing image. The story turns into a bittersweet soul searching of their achievements, the things they missed in life and the dream of eternal youth - all for the price of a thousand calories a day.

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Director: Dina Zvi - Riklis

Producer: Eti Aneta - "Hamon" Productions, Israel


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