An old man is a burden, I know. Not that a child isn't, but at least in his case there are things to look for; Bar Mitzvah, finishing high school, university degree, career, wedding, parenthood. But what is there to expect from an old person? He is like the bumper on the road, slowing the pace. Get off the fast lane! No time for old junk.

Why do the young think that old people should be hidden? Perhaps because they are freaking out by the thought that one day they too would catch this disease. And who cares if an old person today is wearing Jeans and sneakers. My generation too - we were certain we will forever stay young. Suddenly, there are so many aged people in Tel Aviv. Have a look. They sit next to you on the benches in the park, accompanied by Philippine "nannies" who order them around in a foreign language. They don't understand a word. They??? It's us who don't understand a thing...

Look at them, look at us! Plenty of snowy heads while birds shit from above. And this takes place in a city less than a hundred years old. I'm twenty years younger than Tel Aviv. Sometimes I think how lucky we are that our sea is ageless... Despite its white foamy curls.


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