HUNGER is Radio-Drama based on a short story by the same title from the collection "Hat of Glass".
Paula Zimmermann, the main character is a Holocaust survivor who suffers from nightmares about being deprived of food and is starving herself to death. She is brought to the psychiatric ward in an Israeli hospital by her daughter Naomi who worries sick about her mother's mental condition and seeks help deperately.
Dr. Gideon Adar, a Psychiatrist who treats Paula, is becoming more and more attached to his patinet and is fascinated by her powers over him. Dr. Adar decides that she suffers from a post trauma because of her time in a Nazi concentration camp. Pauls manipulates the attractive doctor into falling in love with her daughter and her illness becomes her secret vehicle of bringing some happiness into both her daughter's life and her doctor's .

The Radio Drama was comissioned by the W.D.R. - The German Radio in Cologne. Directed by Claus Dieter Pietrich. Translation into German by Ruth Achlama.
It was first broadcast in Germany in May 1989.
Public Presentation in Vienna, June 1994

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