The Backpack Fairy

"At first I thought Yaya was laughing. I laughed with her. But then she curled up into the Mishpack's zipper, and I knew she was crying. That's how I discovered that fairies cry just like humans."

Yali has a backpacker uncle who loves traveling around the world. His name is Mishi. On his back, he carries a large backpack that everyone calls "the Mishpack," and whenever Mishi comes home to visit, he pulls out of the Mishpack presents from faraway countries.
This summer, Mishi arrives with a surprising hitchhiker- an invisible fairy who falls asleep on the Mishpack's zipper and wakes up in strange country. Yali calls her Yaya Fairy and shows her places he loves in Tel-Aviv. He's full of hope that one day, she'll decide to immigrate to Israel and live with him forever. But Yaya terribly misses home.
Now, Yali has to help bring Yaya Fairy home, wherever home is...

Nava Semel lives in Tel-Aviv and writes for children and adults. Her books have been translated to many languages and have traveled all over the world.

Maria Rapaport, born in Kazakhstan, graphic designer and illustrator, is a graduate of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and art studies in Holland.

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