Who Stole the Show

"The theater is where you dream with your eyes open."

"Who Stole the Show" explores the magical world of the theatre, from the eyes of two children who share an exciting backstage adventure.
Twins Jill and Tim would like to know what kind of work their father does in the theater. They set out to find him, embarking on a great adventure. In the Theatre they meet a witch with a pasted-on nose, a knight wearing sneakers and a princess who can't remember her lines by heart. All these unusual characters who quote Shakespeare - a playwright who's been dead for over 400 years, help the twins find their father who has disappeared in that strange place called a "theater." What's their role in the play, the twins want to know, and is the person who steals the show really a thief?
Nava Semel is a mother of twins. Noam, their father indeed works at the theatre and the stage has been a part of the family life. This true experience inspired the book.

Photo by: Yonatan Blum

Italy: Mondadori Verona, 2003
Romania: English/Romanian bi-lingual edition: Editura Hasefer, Bucharest 2007

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